Pray Today

  • God, we pray that local pastors and lay leaders will increasingly use the copies of Mango... More
  • Lord, we lift up Gédéon, who suffers from asthma and high blood pressure; the project... More
  • Father, please enable the Mango translators to complete their midyear goals of drafting... More
  • God, draw many Gumawana speakers to join the translators in reading John’s Gospel. Allow... More
  • Lord, we pray that Bernard, Patimo, Tomasi and others will remain faithful to their... More
  • Thank You, Father, for granting wisdom and insight to the translators so they can... More
  • Dear Jesus, guide the team as they process the New Testament books through the various... More
  • Father God, we thank You for the new missionary couple who have come to work among the... More
  • Lord, use the Gospel of Luke to call unbelievers to Yourself and strengthen the faith of... More
  • Lord, we praise You for using the Marakwet New Testament to spark renewed interest in... More
  • God, grant wisdom and insight to the translators and consultant as they seek resolution... More
  • Thank You, Father, for providing the Marakwet translators with an opportunity to learn... More
  • Gracious Master, please keep the team safe, and grant them good health, especially... More
  • Lord, give the team wisdom and clarity of thought as they continue team and consultant... More
  • Thank You, Father, for the team’s progress on the “JESUS” film. Please grant the voice... More
  • Master, prepare the hearts of those within the Kosarek community whom You have selected... More
  • Father, bless Mike with focus as he checks the accuracy of the draft translations of the... More
  • Lord, guide Mike as he recruits and train new translators for the Kosarek project. Grant... More
  • God, we thank You that no deaths occurred among the Bible translators as a result of the... More
  • Lord, help new Scripture engagement workers learn principles to promote Your Word and to... More

Prayer Moves Mountains