Pray Today

  • Loving Father, please heal an Aché translator’s child from cancer. Give grace and mercy... More
  • Lord, In Your great Name we pray that the team will complete Genesis, Exodus, Psalms and... More
  • Mighty God, with the Aché we “shout for joy … and raise a victory banner in the name of... More
  • We ask that the songs and memory cards will be widely distributed. May Karon-speaking... More
  • Jesus, we pray this team’s momentum will be sustained. Please thwart any hindrances. We... More
  • Lord, we thank You for providing key people for this team, including the university... More
  • God, we pray for the successful publication of the books of Ruth and Jonah in coming... More
  • Lord, please allow the team to achieve the objectives they've set for this Bible... More
  • Father, we praise You for sending Your Son to the Gbaya people. Thank You also for... More
  • Holy Spirit, give wisdom to these seven language teams. Anoint the songs, discs, apps, “... More
  • Father God, bless the new groups that are gathering to study Your Word. Protect them from... More
  • Lord, we praise You for support from local churches, for the desire of community members... More
  • Father, we join the translation team’s prayer that mother tongue Scriptures will provide... More
  • God, please make Your Word powerfully known among Pomerano speakers. We pray that Luke’s... More
  • Lord, thank You for desiring to communicate Gospel truth to Pomerano speakers through the... More
  • Dear Jesus, thank You for church planter James. Bless new believer Muhammad. May He grow... More
  • God, we ask that the electric company will complete the hook up of electricity for the... More
  • Lord, guide the team as they seek out and correct all errors in the Gospel of Luke. Give... More
  • Lord, reveal the best methods for the mother translators to learn and tell the Bible... More
  • Dear Jesus, we thank You for the local churches in the Lumi area that are encouraging... More

Prayer Moves Mountains