Pray Today

  • Father, we rejoice with the team that Bible stories are heard on the radio throughout Yef... More
  • Dear Lord, please bring healing and stamina to translation team members struggling with... More
  • God, we pray for the team members’ health. Matthew and his wife are bothered by some... More
  • Lord, we thank You that presidential elections passed peacefully. We praise You that good... More
  • Father, we pray that Dekamo people whose religion and family concerns hold them captive... More
  • Great Physician, we continue to ask for good health for all team members and staff; give... More
  • Father, bless church planting efforts in Omaraz villages. We pray many people will come... More
  • Lord, we thank You for the thoroughness of the consultant in checking Matthew. May the... More
  • Father, please guide Balanta people in the way of truth found only in Your Word. Lead... More
  • God, don’t let the team sink under the weight of discouragement or doubt when adversities... More
  • Lord, show Yourself strong to the Balanta translators so that Your glory will become... More
  • Lord Jesus, we ask that all equipment will work well and no data will be lost as the team... More
  • Father God, give team members strength and stamina to stick to a rigorous schedule to... More
  • Great Physician, thank You for healing Romela so Elias could finish the recording in... More
  • Lord, may the partners thrive so they’ll continue to invest in the work of Bible... More
  • God, we’re so glad for the completed consultant checks. Continue to provide consultants... More
  • Father, we thank You that the team members spend one day a week talking to You about... More
  • Lord, empower the translators as they work hard to achieve set goals. Grant them insight... More
  • God, we rejoice in the many evidences of Your power at work among the Nyaneka-Mwila... More
  • We praise You, Father, for making Gospel truth known to Nyaneka-Mwila speakers. Continue... More

Prayer Moves Mountains