Pray Today

  • Thank You, Lord, for providing a site for the translation office. Please supply the... More
  • God, we praise You that Matthew’s Gospel is to be formally dedicated in October. Let it... More
  • Father of all peoples, please bring peace to the Ilchamus and neighboring language groups... More
  • God, please give the translators reliable electricity and Internet service, which they’ve... More
  • Lord, help the translators’ families function normally and their children have regular... More
  • Father, please provide for the needs of the Budja project so the team can regularly visit... More
  • Lord, please bless partner Wycliffe Associates through whose generosity the Cuyonon team... More
  • Father, please bless the efforts of Cuyonon artists, who will donate 20 percent of their... More
  • Heavenly Father, this team longs to be a catalyst for transformation among the Cuyonon,... More
  • Lord, we continue to pray for Bible translation work to begin in Polowat and Ngatik. We... More
  • Father, help islanders prepare as cyclone season approaches. Protect the translators,... More
  • Lord, we praise You that Takuu believers are growing closer to you by reading and praying... More
  • Father, we thank You for healing the consultant and enabling him to complete the check of... More
  • Lord, protect Saris from kidney infections and stones. Take care of his family, supply... More
  • God, please uphold the coworkers, missionaries and evangelists who use the Kurok... More
  • Master, thank You for protecting the hearts and minds of the translation team. Continue... More
  • Bless those promoting the use of the Tuki Scriptures. Give them wisdom to apply the tools... More
  • Father, use the upcoming spiritual retreat to draw team members closer to each other and... More
  • Dear Jesus, guide the Yao team as they revise Mark using comments of the consultant and... More
  • We praise You, Father, that the Ngoni team has drafted all the New Testament books. Give... More

Prayer Moves Mountains