Pray Today

  • Father, please provide for the needs of the translators and their families. Help them... More
  • Lord, grant wisdom and creativity as the teams seek additional illustration materials... More
  • God, we thank You for positive responses from listeners. We join the Kamukuio teams in... More
  • God, we pray that the heartening message of 1 and 2 Chronicles will fill Bekwarra... More
  • Lord, please remind the Bekwarra translators and believers of the truths contained in the... More
  • Father, we thank You for answered prayer and for all the translation goals the Bekwarra... More
  • Father, You know that the enemy would like to hinder the translators at this critical... More
  • Father, thank You that the Baeggu and Fataleka teams are making final edits of the trial... More
  • Lord, we pray that checking of the Bible books at the March workshop will advance these... More
  • God, please give relief to Moise who’s had severe back pain since early October and lost... More
  • Lord, we pray that Fatou’s life story will impact many — despite what some see as a “bad... More
  • Father, please anoint two local pastors who reach out to villages with the gospel. Thank... More
  • God, please encourage and uplift the Erei team as they see the wonderful fruit of their... More
  • Lord, we pray that the completed “JESUS” film copies will arrive in Your time. May these... More
  • Father, we thank You for the rich gift of John’s Gospel. We ask that the team and others... More
  • Lord, we join Nico in praising You for your unfailing help. Thank you for the efforts... More
  • God, we ask you to heal Nico of the back pain he suffers. Also, please restore the Wi-Fi... More
  • Father, Your Word draws and transforms people who understand it. We ask that more cell... More
  • Master, You know travel in Cameroon isn’t easy. Please protect the Bible narrators as... More
  • Father, we ask that Bible stories in the people’s heart language will be good seed sown... More

Prayer Moves Mountains