Pray Today

  • Lord, please help the Cuyonon with the sale of their cashew nuts. This income will help... More
  • Father, please guide buyers to the works of Cuyonon artists and musicians. They will... More
  • Our God, we ask You to grace the islands of Cuyonon — and the Cuyonon people overseas —... More
  • Guide leaders and team teachers to prepare teammates well. Make them diligent, faithful,... More
  • Cause churches to keep their financial and prayer commitments to support the storytellers... More
  • We praise you for the storytellers, Father. Encourage them with increased positive... More
  • Father, please instill the literacy committee with heavenly wisdom as it considers how... More
  • Lord God, please minister to these team members. Please provide for them in every way.... More
  • Thank You, Lord, for encouraging this team. Thank You for Your help with checking and... More
  • Lord, the roads are bad. Please protect and even carry the team members by Your power as... More
  • God, grant that the Bible translation work may advance so Your Word will reach the Bokoto... More
  • Father, we continue to pray for Your true peace for the Bokoto people even as we ask for... More
  • Prince of Peace, people of the CAR cry out for peace in their land. Be glorified as You... More
  • Lord, as the Beta team begins forming listener groups to multiply themselves, let Your... More
  • Thank You, God, for the two successful workshops held in September for the Alpha and Beta... More
  • Lord, we continue to ask You to provide qualified and dedicated individuals to serve as... More
  • God, we rejoice with translator Amisse in the completion of his studies. Enable him and... More
  • Father, please encourage and revive the Meetto translators as they implement needed... More
  • God, we ask that the Kamwe Bible will speak Your truth to present and future generations... More

Prayer Moves Mountains