Pray Today

  • God, we ask that the Book of Ruth will be published as scheduled in the month of October... More
  • Lord, we ask You to protect the health of all the translators, especially Anatole who has... More
  • Father, please bring stability, security and peace throughout the entire Central African... More
  • Dear God, be with the Soli translation team that they may continue to move rapidly toward... More
  • Comfort the translation team, Lord, in the recent death of Stanley, and comfort his... More
  • Father, thank You for reaching the hearts of Soli children. Guide parents as they raise... More
  • Father, we ask that Your hand of blessing will be on Lina as she nears completion of her... More
  • God, we pray that typesetting of Daniel and Esther will be completed soon. Thank You for... More
  • Lord, thank You for giving the Boma people a message that has the power to comfort and... More
  • God, we continue to give You thanks for the dynamism shown by all who’ve contributed to... More
  • Lord, we praise You that many people are equipping themselves to use the mother tongue... More
  • Father, please be with the Bakoko team as they labor on Matthew, Mark and Luke, which... More
  • We give thanks for the city church that continues to help Liam’s family after his death... More
  • We pray that Sipidi and his wife will be wise and united in managing their family. Father... More
  • Thank You, Lord, that Frank and his wife plan to attend baptism classes. We continue to... More
  • Father, we also ask that stolen cell phone tower solar panels in the Bwaidoka village... More
  • Lord, we praise You for answering prayer. Brad found a job; Todd and his family are doing... More
  • God, grant unity among the three Bwaidoka MTTs and with all the translation committee. We... More
  • God, we praise You for Your constant protection over the Waru people. Thank You... More
  • Lord, grant the team wisdom as they transition into a place of checking more challenging... More

Prayer Moves Mountains