Pray Today

  • Pray for continued headway in Bible translation and checking, as well as literacy work... More
  • Pray that the Lord will provide a future government leader who fears and worships Him. More
  • Ask God to uphold the translators and team members, granting health and safety as they... More
  • Thank You, God, that the translators are making steady progress on the Old Testament.... More
  • Lord, we pray that the Audio Bible listening groups will meet faithfully to hear the Aché... More
  • Father God, we pray that the 13 couples will remain committed to You and to each other.... More
  • God, we praise You on behalf of the translators and their families for faithfully... More
  • Lord, be with the team members as they meet with a consultant for two weeks. We ask that... More
  • Father, we thank You for calling the Tree team to this project and making them... More
  • God, empower the Rigwe translators as they check their work on the Book of Ezekiel in... More
  • Lord, please use the two recent workshops to stimulate community interest in what You’re... More
  • Father, we pray for Tabitha and her husband and children. Please work in the husband’s... More
  • God, we pray road conditions will improve so team members can continue traveling to... More
  • Lord, thank You for granting the translators insight as they drafted Leviticus and... More
  • Father, please restore security in the Marakwet region. We pray people will feel safe in... More
  • Father, please continue to empower the translators as they labor steadfastly for You. More
  • God, we praise You that police arrested the thief who stole Patty’s laptop. Thank you for... More
  • Lord, we pray that Joshua can get the cataract surgery he needs when the Youth With a... More
  • Lord, call one or two more Yamap people to join the team. We praise You that Isaac’s baby... More
  • Father, give good health to the recording team members as they work with the Scripture... More

Prayer Moves Mountains